Jennifer Davis

Terms, Conditions, and Auction Details

Jennifer Davis
Terms, Conditions, and Auction Details

The live auction will be held on March 4th.  If you have questions about these packages, contact the Marathon Scholars office.

A proxy bid program is available, if you are unable to be on site the night of the action.  Contact the Marathon Scholars office for more details and to place your bids.

Although the value of many of these packages, which include once-in-a-lifetime experience, are hard to value, we have estimated the "retail value" of the packages.  These are subject to change at any time up until the night of the auction.  

Anything paid over these amounts is considered a charitable donation and might be tax deductible (see your tax adviser).


1.       And the Oscar Goes to…Disneyland Value: Six hundred and ninety dollars

2.       Time to Fly Value: Eleven hundred dollars

3.       Parched in Portland Value: Eight hundred dollars

4.       Ballet, Birdies, and Baseball Value: Fifteen hundred and fifty dollars

5.       Timbers and More  Value: One thousand dollars

6.       Beach Break-Away Value: Twenty-four hundred and seventy-five dollars

7.       U2 and Mumford and Sons Value: Seven hundred and twenty dollars

8.       Hamilton on Broadway  Value: Fifteen hundred dollars

9.       Thailand Adventure Value: Thirty-four hundred and seventy-five dollars

10.   Mamma Mia!  Friends, Family, and Food in Italy  Value: Fifty-three hundred dollars

11.   Rip City Fan Fun  Value: One thousand and ten dollars.

12.   Pet Lovers  Value: Five hundred and sixty dollars